This is more than a job.

Founded in 1993, Mac and Jack’s is one of the Northwest’s leading craft breweries.

For us, this is more than our job. It’s our craft and it’s our family, and we treat it with the respect that both of those things demand. We don’t cut corners, we speak our minds, and we always strive to do right by each other and our community.

But we don’t forget to laugh about it either, after all, we’re making beer here, not doing brain surgery

Our work environment is casual, with a relentless focus on quality, efficiency and safety. We pride ourselves on providing dynamic career opportunities and excellent employee benefits. This is a place where innovation is rewarded and personal growth encouraged.

It’s our privilege and our pleasure to make beer people love, and if that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d love to meet you.


Current Openings

We don’t currently have any openings, but please feel free to submit your résumé, and we’ll keep you in mind when things come up.


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