Proudly brewed in Redmond, WA, since 1993


Our Story


We started Mac & Jack’s out of Jack’s garage in 1993, with nothing but a passion for good beer and the certainty that people would recognize quality and originality when they tasted it. We learned everything as we went—from brewing at scale, to the nuances of distribution, to the fact that selling beer out of your garage isn’t entirely legal.

In the early years, we were making most of the deliveries ourselves. Talking to bartenders and customers every day helped us learn what people liked to drink and what helped businesses do business. Above all, we learned that the distance between a good beer and a truly compelling beer is subtle, but it’s a hard-fought inch, and people recognize the difference.


Consistency and quality have been our obsession from day one. Long after most of our peers had switched to modern, cylindrical kegs, we continued to put our beer into Hoff-Stevens kegs. These things were a pain in the ass in every way—hard to fill, hard to clean, hard to move—but that same irksome design gave us a unique way to add little packets of fresh hops to each keg and to create the beer our customers had come to love. When we finally switched over, it was only because we found a way—after countless failed attempts—to make our beer without compromising flavor or freshness.


Twenty-five years in, a lot has changed in the beer industry, but a lot hasn’t. People still appreciate quality and originality, and we’re still here in Redmond, making only the most compelling beer we can. We—Mac and Jack—still own and run the brewery, with our all-star team of 20 people. We’re still listening to our customers, still learning how to do it better, and still laughing about it.

Those kegs sum up our story about as well as anything: We’re stubborn as hell about our beer, because you deserve nothing less.


Our Team

We’re a tight-knit crew of 20 beer fanatics, many of whom have been with us for decades—or more. We’re not shy with our opinions, but we’re never stingy with our respect. 

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Our Brewery

We brew out of the same location we always have, a converted transmission repair shop in Redmond, WA. It’s not the easiest place to find, but if you seek us out, you’ll find a pretty special and welcoming place. No frills, no themes, just a great place to make beer and to drink beer.

Our tasting room and beer garden are open almost every day, serving a rotating assortment of our standard beers as well as some experimental creations available only on-location. We have food trucks on the weekend as well as free brewery tours.


Our Canning Operation

We recently launched a full-scale canning operation. Since we couldn’t have squeezed another drop out of our Redmond facility without cutting into our existing production, we decided to produce our canned beer at Full Sail Brewing’s facility in Oregon. The arrangement is for “alternating proprietorship,” meaning that when we’re there, it’s our brewery—our people, our ingredients, our recipes—just made in their space.

We chose Full Sail because not only do they have one of the most state of the art facilities around, they share our extremely high quality standards and our commitment to sustainable brewing practices.